What is Roughneck Dispatch?

Twice a month I’ll talk to you about what I’m reading, watching, and listening to. Maybe I’ll even tell you what I’m eating or drinking. You’ll also gain insight into the rapidly changing world of publishing (crime fiction, mostly). Podcast included!

Who the heck am I?

I’m crime/noir/pulp writer, Matt Phillips—a dedicated teller of tales.

The Roughneck Dispatch ethos…

I’ve come to believe that artists, beyond creating art, have another responsibility to society—we are conduits to the collective human imagination, mediums to the spirit world, as it were, and our wormholes—how we get to the place of creation and imagination—give others a glimpse of the wizard lurking behind the curtain…Our wormholes reveal the divine alchemy that is the creation of story.

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Writing about the bad, the bitter, and the wasted.


I'm a writer. Crime fiction. Noir. Characters who want to kick some tail. Maybe yours!